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My first experience with wood was in my 9th grade shop class.  I made a coffee table that is still in use today, but my favorite project was a fruit bowl that I turned on a lathe.  Even though it has some tool marks in it, my mom proudly kept that maple/black walnut bowl full of fresh fruit and nuts.  Since that time I have built many decks, garages, and storage sheds, but I always wanted to go back to the lathe work.  Finally, in 2006 I bought my first lathe and Whole Grain Goods was born.


Whole Grain Goods started as a way to raise extra money to keep my mom in a personal care home.  Over the years I realized how much I enjoyed making pens, pencils, key chains, etc. so I continued and have expanded.  I am proud to only use natural materials in my lathe products; wood and antler exclusively.  NO ACRYLICS OR PLASTIC.  Much of the wood comes from the scrap pile and most of the antlers are sheds that I find in the late winter or early spring. 


Today I turn and sell over 15 different types of pens, including ballpoint, rollerball, and fountain pens.  I also stock matching pen and pencil sets, key chains, darts, corkscrew/bottle stopper combinations, and balancing wine bottle holders.  Any can be custom made to order and all can come in a beautiful wood gift box.  Discounts are given for large orders - Contact me for more information.

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